Friday, March 20, 2015

March 20th Edition

Archery: Aim Small

By: Bailey Harder

      The Mercer County Archery Team participated in the state archery tournament at the Louisville Convention Center on March 11th. In order to qualify for nationals, they had to score above a 3200. Overall, the high school team score was 3266, qualifying them for the national competition.

    The archery team was placed into the third tier because they were able to score above the qualifying score, meaning they will get third pick for their times at Nationals, which will be held in April. Savannah Gagnon, a junior at MCSH and a member of the archery team scored 248 out of 300. “State was very exciting and there were so many people,” Savannah says. “I think we did pretty well for it being our very first time at state. I can’t wait to compete at nationals.” Congratulations to Levi Baker, Morgan Clark, Bryce Flach, Savannah Gagnon, Josh Gerbino, Britney Hughes, Savannah Johnson, Drew Meaux, Amber Miller, Macy Roberts, Cody Robinson, Isaac Rogers, Tyler Schroeder, Logan Shewmaker, Noah Thorton, Drew Tschanz, and Seth Voris for qualifying for state and good luck to those competing at nationals in April.

Artist Profile: Roberto “Robreezy” Gutierrez

By Gabe Tuggle

      As his popularity rises to an all time high, young rap artist Roberto “Robreezy” Gutierrez makes all attempts possible in remaining humble. With the recent release of his new mix tape, some begin to wonder just who is this new rapper? Overall, he is confident and hopeful of his work. According to Roberto himself, “I’m improving, time by time.” His outlook and opinion on the future is a bright one. Many see him making it big one day as he is always content and making do with what he has.
      The inspiration for such a young music artist, however, is “music itself”, said Roberto. His natural “chillness” and cool head is what makes him stand out. Many students of Mercer County Senior High see him as a unique individual and the name “Robreezy” echoes throughout the school. Some may inquire, just how long has he been interested in making music? According to the man himself, “ever since I was twelve” and he plans to follow his dreams of becoming a famous rap artist.
      Making music is a passion of his and he enjoys it nonetheless. When looking at the other faces of Mercer County Senior High, there aren’t many with the same prospects as Roberto. He is a prime example of one who dreams big and shoots for the stars. It isn’t everyday that talent like this can be found in an average high school, with many seeing it as unique, entertaining and interesting as he pursues his future in the music industry.

Rallying Pep Across the District

By Kasey Halcomb

      The pep rally on Tuesday, March 10 at MCSH was definitely one to remember. The whole district came out to support the Lady titans as they were preparing to go to the state Sweet Sixteen tournament. Everyone got hype as all grade levels got hype and yelled chants to get the girls hyped up for their game. According to Morgan Karr, the pep rally was really hype and she had fun at it.  When asked how she felt when everyone got up and started cheering as loud as they could she said that, "It felt hype, the atmosphere was crazy." Lastly, Morgan was asked if this was one of the better pep rallies we've had and she replied with, "Yes, it was an awesome pep rally!"

Honor Buds: A NHS Project

By Ashley Hall

      Most of the clubs in our school conduct programs dealing with elementary school. National Honors Society has a program called ‘Honor Buds’. Honor Buds is ran by English teacher, Ms. Milburn. Honor Buds is a program developed by the NHS to provide student mentors for intermediate-aged schoolchildren in need of either academic or social support. Once a week, each participating NHS member meets with his or her assigned MCIS student either first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon to give one-on-one tutoring in an area of need, generally math or English. The benefit for the younger students is obvious: they receive individually focused help each week
in an academic area in which they struggle. In addition, of course, they have the opportunity to develop a relationship with an older student who can serve as an advisor and a role-model and the hope is, that this positive interaction with a high-achieving honor student will encourage these youngsters to want to be a part of the National Honor Society themselves when they reach high school. 

      For the mentors, the benefits are no less valuable; the chance to make a difference in the life of a child who may have academic or even personal issues that are holding that child back, is a life-altering experience for many of these honor students. They are learning how important it is to become personally involved in the lives of others in order to truly affect change and it is my hope that this experience will not only help to develop their character now, but will inspire them to commit to being a part of the solution as they transition into their adult lives. A highschool mentor, junior Drew Meaux, stated “This is a great experience for me to have and I’m glad Ive received the opportunity to change a life of a younger individual.

Lady Titans Season Wrap-up

By Austin Sparrow

      This year was a great season for Mercer County Basketball in a whole, but truly special our Lady Titans. They won the 46th District tournament along with the 12th Region tournament. The Lady Titans got to represent our school and region of Kentucky at Diddle Arena in Western Kentucky. The Lady Titans had to face the tournament favorite, Elizabethtown, in the first round. It seemed as if every person in Mercer County was there to support our Lady Titans and be a part of their great season. The Titans were lead by Seniors Catheryne Cluanch, Hedi Huffman, and Kandace Gash. Mercer had not been to the state tournament since 2003, so these three senior had no experience in the state tournament, but have played basketball all their lives. Senior Catheryne Claunch believes the team will be back soon and is “ready to make some serious noise in state next year.” The 2015 Mercer County Lady Titans will be a special team and remembered for eternity by the 2015 District Champions and 12th Region Champion banners hanging in the gymnasium.

March Madness

By Audrey Johnson

      As the SEC tournament just came to an end this past Sunday putting Kentucky 34-0 and obviously the SEC champions and advancing them to the NCAA tournament.  March Madness causing many conflicts and arguments about who will win or who will make it further. But we all know Kentucky is going to win, right?  Many teachers get into just as much as students do. Mrs. Dailey teaches a sports marketing class were she is allowing her students to fill out a bracket. When reviewing all of these brackets not one single student had chosen another team besides Kentucky! Deron Bartleson, a senior and student in sports broadcasting says “Mrs. Dailey hates Duke.  She also says anyone who puts Duke getting past the first round is ridiculous.  I can tell she just absolutely hates Duke.” Out of fourteen brackets 6 students picked Duke to go all the way to the final game. I bet Mrs. Dailey hates that! March Madness officially starts Thursday March 19th, 2015. Kentucky will play Thursday night at 9:45. Let’s make it 35-0! The person to have the most right games in Sports Broadcasting will receive some type of reward from Mrs. Dailey; let’s hope it’s not someone who chose Duke in the final game!  

Teacher Profile: Lou Collins

By Ashley Hall

      Ms. Lou Collins, a business teacher at MCSHS, attended high school at Morgan County. She worked at Commercial Bank during the summer while going to college. She started with her basic information at Union College and then transferred to Eastern Kentucky University to get her teaching certificate. When being asked why she decided to be a teacher she said, “I love being a teacher and it ran in the family.” Also being asked the question, ‘Do you like teaching at MCSHS?’ she replied, “Yes I love working here. I love the kids and the atmosphere and I always have good relationships with all my kids.” When asking Lauren Barnes’ opinion of Ms.Collins she said, “I love her and going to her class every day. She doesn’t make teaching boring and she actually cares about us learning and the value of education. I’m in her Personal Finance class and it has taught me things about the real world that part of high school doesn’t prepare me for.”

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